Seajob Indian Anchor Awards 2018 Online Polling

Calling out all the Seafarers! The polling for the most anticipated Maritime Awards has begun. Your participation is valuable, as we aspire to empower the seafarers in choosing the best companies in the industry. Vote now and Make a Difference!

Sea Line Group Terms and Conditions for Polling:

By empowering the seafarers to choose the best in the industry, Seajob seeks to bring the best to the fore and elevate the stand of all. As you extend your participation towards Seajob Indian Anchor Awards 2018, please consider the below Polling Terms and Conditions:

  1. A Company is eligible to receive only one Award
  2. Nominee/Organization must have a valid RPSL number
  3. The results for polling is solely based on seafarers’ vote
  4. Seafarers are required to fill valid employment details while voting. Any invalid information will be counted under negative voting
  5. Sea Line Group has complete authority to terminate nomination and consider negative voting, in case, discrepancies are found in any document of proof or nomination details
  6. Sea Line Group reserves the right to make amendments to all of the above terms and conditions and having done so would announce this publicly.