Maritime union of india
Maritime union of india Maritime union of india

THE SEAJOB STORY – Our Past and Our Future

SEA LINE GROUP was founded by Mr. Roni Abraham, a Marine Engineer, in March, 2004. The Group’s first venture was the launch of the shipping jobs website ‘’ in June, 2004. Today it is the No.1 shipping jobs website with the most number of marine officers (registered users) logging on to seize the best employment opportunities with the most reputed shipping/manning companies (registered users). is recognized and accepted by the Indian shipping fraternity as the most professional, safe and secure seafarer job portal and also the most effective advertising site for companies and institutes.

The Group launched 'SEAANDJOB', a fortnightly shipping magazine, in May, 2007. With every issue the magazine gained in popularity to become the No.1 shipping magazine, widely circulated all over India and subscribed by individuals, companies, institutes, seamen’s clubs and even libraries. The magazine provides informative and interesting articles covering not just the shipping world but also the world outside it.

It serves as a medium for the shipping/manning companies to advertise marine jobs and also to promote their organization by publicizing internal activities, like seminars, sports events and parties.

In 2010 the Group launched the first edition of SEAJOB SHIPPING DIRECTORY. Many of our patrons conveyed the need for a directory that contained accurate and updated information. They expressed their confidence in us to deliver a product that would be useful and reliable. That was how we decided to publish a directory every year.

In 2015 the Sealine Group launched its Seajob Mobile app for Android & iPhone. Adapting to modern technology to make your experience of registering with Seajob convenient and simple. This exclusive app can be easily downloaded on your iPhone and Android phones to help you register and edit information at just a single touch.

We take great pains to ensure that the information in the directory is accurate. In every new issue, we add more information that would be useful to the seafaring community.

In 2010 the Group also launched a new website ‘’. With the increasing popularity of SEAANDJOB magazine, it was important to have it available online so that those who couldn’t reach out for a hard copy of the magazine could just log on to the website.

Over the years SEA LINE GROUP has been growing steadily, constantly upgrading its services, providing marine jobs, rig jobs, dredger jobs, Shipping Jobs and diversifying in order to remain at the top of business and to establish the ‘SEAJOB’ brand.

The support and encouragement we receive from our patrons is the driving force which propels us forward in the path of growth. The innate sense of responsibility towards our patrons drives us to render our services professionally with efficiency and promptness.